Vet Who Posed Next To Trophy Kills Falls 100ft To His Death During A Hunt

Hunting vet who became social media hate figure dies while hunting.
Luciano Ponzetto, the vet who sparked an outraged firestorm on social media after pictures of him posing next to dead animals had hunted appeared on the internet, has died in the countryside surrounding the Italian city of Turin. Early reports have suggested that he slipped down a ravine while he was out on a hunt. Officials had said that Ponzetto was out hunting in the mountains when he accidentally slipped on some ice and toppled down a steep ravine in the Italian countryside. It has been said that the fifty-five-year-old vet was out shooting wild birds when he had his accident and that he recently returned from another hunting trip in Canada.
The Italian police had released a statement about his death saying that they were first alerted to the accident when mountain rescue services arrived on the scene. The body of Mr. Ponzetto was recovered by helicopter and taken to a local hospital. However, attempts to revive him proved fruitless, and the doctors decided that there was nothing they could do to help him.
News of Ponzetto’s death is already making waves on social media where he had previously become a hate figure after posing for a photograph next to the corpse of a lion he had killed. Ponzetto was bombarded with hate mail and death threats during the scandal and was even forced to resign from his role as the medical director of a kennel business as the controversy started to affect his professional life. Throughout it all, Ponzetto maintained that he had done nothing wrong in pursuing hunting as a hobby. In a statement, he said, “I know that I have done nothing wrong. I am being criticized by people who do not know me, I have always loved my work, and I have always loved animals.I will carry on hunting until the law changes.” While most social media users have abstained from attacking Ponzetto in the wake of this news out of respect for his family, others have been less kind. Some have described the ‘irony’ of the event in gleeful terms and others have described it as ‘karma.’

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