There’s now an app that finds someone to pick up your dog’s poop

What do you get when you combine a population too busy to look up from its smartphones, a “one-tap economy” and 78 million pet dogs?

You get Pooper, an app that summons someone to scoop your pooch’s waste off the sidewalk or neighbor’s lawn.

Perhaps you have enough time to own a dog, feed a dog and take it on walks, but you are just too darn busy to reach down to pick up its poop, then you are Pooper’s target customer.

The app, which began being marketed this week despite not being up and running yet, is supposed to work pretty much like Uber. Once your dog does its job, you open the app, pinpoint the excrement on a digital map and order a scoop. You are then free to leave; a scooper — the driver in the Uber analogy — comes to do the clean up.

That is, of course, if Pooper is real and not some sort of ironic commentary on dog obsession and the sharing economy. Its quirky video ad and motto — “Your dog’s poop in someone else’s hands” —  have left some reporters skeptical. That’s prompted the people behind the app to issue a statement saying they’re fine with the doubts: All the better for spreading the word and attracting more investors.


The  owner of  Pooper is what America needs now, because there’s too much dog waste on the streets.

The app has already gotten sign-ups “by the hundreds,” to be both poopers (customers) and scoopers (employees),


When it came to money, poopersnwill have  tiered payment plans. For example, a dog walker or dog hoarder might order the “unlimited premium plan that allows unlimited scoops in an unlimited radius.”

Scoopers’ compensation will vary depending on their mode of transportation and how far they travel to the job.

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