Police: Rescue dogs shot while guarding business

A business owner in Eastern Henrico needs help after a man gunned down two of his rescue dogs.  (Source: NBC12)
 A business owner in Henrico, Virginia  needs help after a man gunned down two of his rescue dogs.
It’s a heartbreaking , two guard dogs, who are rescues, are gunned down at a business they were protecting. The gunman did not even take anything, he just shot the dogs.

Dana died after being shot multiple times. Champ is currently recovering after treatment.

In the video, a man with a gun was seen walking across the Tylo Equipment Company parking lot. The guard dogs bark at him. Video shows the man raise a gun and fire at least eight shots through the fence.

Tylo Equipment owner Frank Tynis talks about what he saw:

“Dana was found right here,” he said through tears. “She was in a big pool of blood.”

The dogs are two rescue rottweilers. Dana died after being shot multiple times.

“I rubbed her head, and told her goodbye,” says Tynis. “There was blood out there where Champ had apparently gone that way.”

A bullet went through Champ’s shoulder and also his hind leg. He was rushed to the vet and is now recovering. Tynis fears if the shooter can hurt these dogs, he will hurt others.

“No question whatsoever,” says Tynis. “I don’t think that individual would hesitate pulling a trigger on somebody in a heartbeat.”

Tynis now wants justice.

“These dogs weren’t bothering anybody, they were just protecting their home space,” says Tynis. “Somebody meant to walk up and execute these dogs.”

Tynis says he adopted Dana as she was scheduled to be euthanized. Champ was adopted after he was abandoned.

If you can help find the gunman, call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000. Tips can be anonymous.

A link to the video can be seen HERE.

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