Kiah the pit bull was found wandering around a grocery store with a pretty nasty wound on her head. No one knew whose dog she was, so she was taken to a shelter. That’s where she was found by police. The adoption was possible thanks to a grant from Animal Farm Foundation.

The foundation worked with Austin Pets Alive and Universal K9’s Brad Croft to pull rescued pit bulls from shelters and place them in different police programs. After watching Kiah perform, Croft knew she would be a perfect police dog.


A police dog must have several qualities that make them perfect. They must have confidence above all else. If they are not fearful, stay curious, and remain trainable, they become a perfect candidate. Kiah is exactly that.

But just because Kiah was trained didn’t mean a police force would take her. There are, after all, lots of negative thoughts towards pit bulls. According to Croft, many agencies are resisting the idea of having pit bulls on their teams. But the City of Poughkeepsie was receptive since getting a K9 pit bull at no cost is a dream come true for any small town.


Kiah was placed with Officer Bruzgul after 16 weeks of training in Texas. She was extremely determined and her hard work paid off. She will soon be going in for another 6-week training for narcotics detection.

This program is turning out great results for police departments all across the country. If you would like to donate to this wonderful program, you can learn more here.

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Article and photo credit via LittleThings and Huffington Post