Marilyn Monroe’s Most Intimate Belongings Are Being Sold…Including Her DOD Card!


This is the closest we can get to Marilyn Monroe’s autograph. It’s even more intimate because it’s her actual signature, a combination of her birth and married name (Norma Jeane DiMaggio). The backside of the card includes her fingerprints and description.

United States Department of Defense Identification Card

Custom Calorie Restricted Diet

This two-page calorie restricted diet was provided to the actress by Dr. Leon Krohn. Notice that he recommended 1000 calories, 100 grams protein, and cutting down on sugar, fats, and carbohydrates (in this case, opting for whole wheat).

Minaudière Compact (Secret Cigarette Stash)

This ladies evening minaudière compact contains eight Philip Morris cigarettes.

Compact, Tube of Michel Lipstick, Clear Plastic Comb, Loose Powder

Heres a closer look at some of her makeup, half-used.

This particular tube of lipstick with a rhinestone top has a starting bid of $1,500. How glamorous is this item?

A Ticket to JFK’s Birthday Party Gala

This ticket to John F. Kennedy’s May 19, 1962 Birthday Party Gala at Madison Square Garden is worth $3,000-$5,000. It is there that Monroe famously sang Happy Birthday to him.

The “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” Dress

This is one of the most sought after items in the auction. It’s the actual dress she wore while singing Happy Birthday. Monroe told event planners that she would be in discreet attire but the chiffon dress appeared more like a second skin. It’s expected to go for $2-3 million. Someone has already placed a $1 million bid on it.

Conditioning Cream, Empty Pill Bottle

These photographs of Marilyn are beautiful and intimate. She didn’t need a professional photographer to look like a star.

Royal Typewriter

Can you imagine having this grey Royal Quiet De Luxe model typewriter? It comes with a tweed style hard carrying case. It’s expected to go for up to $1,200.

Gucci Address Book

There’s something magical about this brown leather address book. Here you’ll find high profile contacts, including Marlon Brando and Lee Strasberg, most of which were written by Marilyn herself. The front of the book is stamped “M.M.” and inside there’s a list of personal goals.

A Secret Recipe for the Perfect Thanksgiving Stuffing

This recipe on a City Title Insurance Company of San Francisco notepad was scribbled by Monroe herself. It makes a perfect addition to your collection for the holidays, if you can afford the $10-$20K it’s worth.

Twelve Kitchen Utensils

Cook like Marilyn with her cooking spoons, spatulas, spreaders, knives, a serving fork, and a baster with original vintage packaging.

Long-Sleeve Red Sequin Gown

Monroe wore this matching dress with Jane Russell during their performance of “A Little Girl from Little Rock” in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Carnation Pink Wiggle Dress

The beautiful star wore this number as the femme fatale Rose Loomis in her film noir thriller Niagara. It accentuated all the right places on her beautiful figure.

Leotard from “That Old Black Magic”

Remember her 1956 film Bus Stop? Monroe sung “That Old Black Magic” in this jade green embellished satin leotard.

Make sure to browse the online auction for other major pieces of Marilyn’s wardrobe.

Costume Jewelry

These costume jewelry earrings were worn by Monroe in How to Marry a Millionaire. They’re predicted to go for $80,000- $100,000.

Receipt for Chanel No. 5 Perfume

The total cost of $73.15 is inclusive of tax and delivery. Who would’ve guessed that a receipt would be estimated at $400-600?

Scripts Used on Set

L: Some Like It Hot, R: Something’s Got to Give

And finally, unwind in Marilyn Monroe’s comfy and elegant reading chair.

Click here to read more about the auction and here for the catalog.

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