Man Ties A Strap To A Tree Stumps, Then Slams On The Gas With A Very Unexpected Result! (VIDEO)

The driver of the vehicle, who the YouTube video title calls Paul, decides to yank a stump out of the ground with his SUV.  The average cost for remove tree removal service can range anywhere from $500 to $1000, but the average price of a professional stump removal service is around $165. Instead, Paul opts for the yank-out-of-the-ground approach which sent the stump hurdling towards his SUV before smashing the rear windshield. states that front and rear windshields are the most expensive to replace, averaging around $300. In other words, almost double what Paul would have paid to have the stump professionally removed. The YouTube video, which was posted on Jun. 7, 2015, also shows that in all likelihood there was body damage to the top of Paul’s SUV as well.

The video of Paul removing this tree stump with his SUV has already amassed over two million views, so we can only hope people will learn from Paul’s mistake.


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