5 Ways to Make Yourself More Attractive

To be more attractive doesn’t need to cost you any money. Your goal of becoming more attractive can be made much easier by taking these tips and applying them in your own life.
1. Learn. All the time. Always be learning.
Reading is an excellent way to learn new things; it’s definitely not the only way, though, so go ahead and watch, listen, and do in order to learn, too. Exercise curiosity about everything, then go try to figure out the answers to all your questions
2. Smile
It’s been proven that men and women are more attractive to the opposite sex when they have a genuine smile. Your eyes just get drawn to someone who is smiling and it’s give’s off this positive energy. When someone smiles they appear a lot more friendly and are a lot more approachable.
3. Being passionate about something
Whether it’s your line of work or just one of your hobbies, when you show passion for something it makes you more attractive. It lets people see what type of person you are and the motivations behind the way you act. Don’t be afraid to geek out every now and then, we react positively to someone that is inspired by something they love.
4. Take care of yourself. 
People who take care of themselves are more attractive because they emanate self-discipline. Being in control of yourself means others don’t experience you as a burden to be cared for. Eating nutritiously, exercising regularly, and attending to your emotional health should be a part of your daily routine.
5. Surround yourself with people
For whatever reason, people are more attractive when they are in a group of people than when they are alone. So when looking for a date, bring others along with you.

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