5 Surprising Benefits of Crying (or Why It’s So Important to Have a Good Cry)

When was the last time you had a good cry? Most folks see watery eyes as a sign of emotional weakness, however, confronting your emotions requires a great deal of strength in the form of personal vulnerability.
Amidst a continuous stream of salty tears slowly sliding down our check, making our eyes puffy and temporary blurring our vision, do you ever wonder what emotional or physical benefits this suspended state of helplessness could have on our delicate and fragile physic?
Well, grab a tissue if you have to and read on to learn some surprising benefits of crying.
1.Relieves Stress 
Once you’re done crying, even if the situation is the same, you feel a little relieved. So even when the grief exists, you just need a good cry to feel better. Crying is a better alternative than punching a wall, obviously. It is also better than keeping it all bottled up which can later lead to high blood pressure and cardiac problems. –
2.Crying actually improves your mood
A recent Netherlands study showed participants really sad movies and then noted who cried and who didn’t. Those who didn’t felt no different emotionally after the movie, while the criers felt worse. However, within 20 minutes, the criers returned to pre-movie levels, and after 90 minutes, the criers felt much better than their stoic counterparts. “This pattern is often found in retrospective studies where people are asked to rate their mood levels after having experienced a good cry,” said lead author Asmir Gracanin of the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands.
3.Releasing your tears helps you flush out toxins.
A study performed by Dr. William H. Frey II at the St Paul-Ramsey Medical Centre found that stress-related tears and tears caused by physical irritants (think chopping an onion) are not one and the same. Tears that are provoked by stress help your body rid itself of nasty chemicals that raise cortisol (the stress hormone). In other words: you’ll feel a whole lot better after the emotional down-pour passes.
4.Crying Kills Pain
The act of crying releases endorphins in your body, which are those pleasure-inducing hormones known to reduce pain. Given that endorphins also make you feel pretty great in general, it might also explain the positive effects of crying found in the current study.
5. Improves Vision
Tears, made by the lacrimal gland, can actually clear up our vision by lubricating the eyeballs and eyelids. When the membranes of the eyes are dehydrated, our eyesight may become a little blurry. Tears bathe the surface of the eye, says the National Eye Institute, keeping it moist, and wash away dust and debris. Crying also prevents the dehydration of various mucous membranes.

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